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As years go by, marks of aging, wrinkles and sags appear on the face as in many other parts of the body. These changes that are seen in every individual independently from any health problem, might become more visible with the effect of factors such as unhealthy nutrition and smoking might lead to appearance problems. 

One of the most determining the contours of body in women is the breast. Breasts that fit the general structure of body and have the ideal size and shape contribute significantly to the physical appearance. Breasts that are smaller than the ideal size, and doesn’t look as desired lead to appearance problems in women.

A low, flattened or deformed butt is considered subdued in the subconscious, and a high position, noticeable and proportionate butt always creates an attractive body sensation. Today’s metropolitan people want to experience both body and soul beauty simultaneously. Individuals; holidays, seaside, sports, shopping, education and social sciences such as education now spend more time with visual evaluations and notes are given to people at first sight.

Commonly preferred genital aesthetic types include vaginal bleaching, labioplasty (inner and outer labia aesthetics), vaginoplasty (vaginal narrowing procedure), hymen reconstruction, and cliteroplasty (clitoral hood reduction).

Liposuction is the most appropriate and easiest way to remove the unwanted fat from the body. It is the most ideal method by considering the psychological situation of the patient. Throughout this process, patients’ complaints can be solved easily.

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Selda Hair Transplantation Center

In line with our vast experience in serving long years at Healthcare Tourism sector and a strong demand, Selda Center serves since 2010. Our major field is hair aesthetics.

As Selda Center, our core service values both to domestic and foreign patients are trust, quality, development, integrity, team spirit and no compromise of loyalty.

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The Secret of Beauty

Domestic and foreign patients, technological devices and modern medical methods with aesthetic and plastic surgery, hair transplantation and medical aesthetics in the fields of all kinds of services are offered.

As Selda Center, our goal is; in order to provide a service extending beyond what is expected through strength drawn from our experience, we are dedicated to ensure our patients feel safe and in a friendly environment while enabling them to be treated by the best teams and experts.


Hair Transplant

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Selda Hair Transplantation Center

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Frequently Asked Questions

The hair transplantation procedure is applied in line with the hair growth direction, therefore the transplanted hair will look natural and when your hair is fully grown, you can cut, dye or style your hair as you like.

The follicles applied are harvested from the back of the head; these follicles are resistant to loss, there will be no further complications in the years to come.

Following the hair transplantation procedure, on third month your hair will be fully visible, on sixth month 75%, in a year approximately 95% of your hair will be fully grown.

Hair transplantation does not have any side effects and does not have any effects that will make the patient feel uncomfortable.

Local anesthetics are applied during hair transplantation; therefore you won’t feel any pain during the procedure. Following the procedure the patient can use pain killers and there really will be no pain.

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