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Selda Hair Center

As Selda Center, our core service values both to domestic and foreign patients are trust, quality, development, integrity, team spirit and no compromise of loyalty. In line with our vast experience in serving long years at Healthcare Tourism sector and a strong demand, Selda Center serves since 2010. Our major field is hair aesthetics.
As Selda Center, our basic values in the services we provide at home and abroad are; not to compromise on trust, quality, development, honesty, team spirit and loyalty. We are always with you with our expert staff in order to provide equal health services to patients from all parts of the society.
We always try to provide better service by saying that the happiness of our patients is our happiness during and after the treatment.

Small touches for perfect results

Since 2010, Selda Center in light of past experience offers “small touches for perfect results” with the best technology available.