Arm and Thigh Lift Surgery

Arm and Thigh Lift Surgery

With frequent weight gain and loss, post-pregnancy weight, regular exercise and increasing age, sagging occurs in various areas of the body skin. The most common areas of skin sagging are the arms and legs. These saggings in the body cause people to feel older and have long-term self-confidence problems. With the small aesthetic operations to be performed, this problem can be prevented quickly.


How to Prevent Sagging in the Arm?

Arm lift aesthetics With this, the drooping appearance of the arms is corrected. The upper arm tissue, which is loose due to its structure, can be corrected to some extent with regular sports. However, surgical intervention is required for severe sagging.

Excess fat and skin on the upper arm are surgically removed. The incision scar is kept parallel to the arm. In this way, it is ensured that the surgical scar is minimized. In cases where there is a lot of sagging and the gap in the skin extends to the elbow, slight scars may remain after the operation.


How to Prevent Sagging Legs?

One of the places where sagging is seen on the body is the inner legs. With frequent weight gain and loss, not doing sports and aging, relaxation is experienced in the inner leg area. This situation disturbs the patients as it will cause friction while walking along with aesthetic problems.

The inner legs are a difficult area to correct due to the thin skin structure. One of these methods is thigh lift aesthetics. With this operation, the excess fat and skin on the upper and inner sides of the legs are removed. Although some thinning occurs in the leg, the main effect occurs on the inner legs.

Excess skin and fat are removed and sutured, leaving a slanting mark on the inner side of the groin. In thin patients, the incision scar leaves a short scar. In patients with excessive skin abundance, the scar may extend down over time and deform the genitals. To prevent this, excess skin and fat are removed leaving a vertical scar. Before the operation, Liposhaping is applied to the patient.


Who Can Have Surgery?

This type of aesthetic operations can usually be applied to women over the age of 40. This problem, which occurs due to weight gain and loss and aging, may occur earlier in case of excess fat.

Patients must have completed their body development. In addition, for the operation, it is necessary that more fat tissue accumulates in the inner legs of the patients than normal. In order to perform the operation, the skin in the area should be more than normal and sagging.

along with this arm and thigh surgery requesting patients; should not have a chronic disease. Before the operation, chronic diseases, if any, should be determined, and fat values and weight ratios should be calculated. Thigh lift surgery can generally be applied to patients who have been treated for obesity and have loose skin on their body.

It is recommended that patients stop using cigarettes and tobacco products at least 3 weeks before the operation. Aspirin and different blood thinners should not be used 6 hours before the operation.

Medicines and herbal products used to aid weight loss should be discontinued at least 1 week before the operation. Especially herbal teas such as flaxseed, cherry stalk, tomato seeds and green tea should not be consumed.



This type of operation, It is not completely permanent. Softening and sagging of the skin in the area can be seen as a result of the patients gaining and losing excessive weight after the surgery or advancing their age.


What are Arm and Thigh Lift Prices?

arm lift prices and thigh lift prices It may vary depending on the operation preferred by the patient and the patient's condition. For this reason, prices are determined individually. The pricing of the operation to be performed can only be determined as a result of the examination.