Arm & Thigh Lift

Arm & Thigh Lift


Arm & Thigh Lift procedures come to the fore among the aesthetic operations that are especially preferred by women. In these areas, which deform more rapidly due to the differences in the connective tissue, sagging occurs when weight is gained and lost rapidly. You can clearly learn how to perform an operation for these areas where you may request surgical intervention.

What is Arm & Thigh Lift?

A stretching operation is used to remove excess skin and fat in the arm and thigh area. The possibility of incision scars in the arm area is much higher. While these traces are hidden in the thigh part, this will not be the case since the arm part is more exposed. However, when you talk to our center, you can learn that laser and Prp application will be successful in terms of removing these traces at a higher rate. Thanks to Arm & Thigh Stretching procedures, you can see that sagging caused by rapid weight gain will be eliminated. After you reach your ideal weight, the sagging problems you experience will be eliminated.

How is Arm & Thigh Lift Performed?

You can see that your specialist doctor, who will use certain methods, will make a good planning for the Arm & Thigh Lift operation. You can start the interviews right away to find out the degree of sagging in the arm and thigh area and to get the answer of what kind of method will be applied. It is observed that patients complain of the rubbing sensation they experience while using their arms and legs. In such problems, it is witnessed that there are more problems with the body. For this reason, detailed information is provided about the operation performed to eliminate bodily problems and to eliminate aesthetic concerns.

What should be considered for Arm & Thigh Lift?

Before aesthetic operations, planning is made by considering the patient's condition. With the Arm & Thigh Lift operation, it is clarified whether such procedures will be performed in the chest and abdomen. You may also want to learn in advance how many stages the surgeries to be performed under general anesthesia consist of. These stages, which include processes such as removing fat, tightening the skin and suturing, are completed in approximately 2-4 hours. If the patient's medications are found, the doctor's opinion on whether to continue or not is taken.

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