beard transplant prices 2022

Beard Transplant Prices 2023

Beard Transplantation

Beard is a very important accessory for men. For different reasons, men may experience beard loss. This sometimes causes a lack of self-confidence, illness and so on. In some men, the beard sheds sparsely, while in others it can fall out completely. In addition, there are men with a corner beard whose beards never grow. That's why it was developed beard transplant has attracted a lot of attention in recent years.

Thanks to the transplantation, the beards grow in a certain period of time, and the person regains the lost self-confidence. so this october beard transplant takes place through certain processes. This is a very sensitive and careful process.

beard transplant prices 2022
beard transplant prices 2022

How is Beard Transplantation Performed?

Hair transplantation is a procedure that has been in great demand recently. The application is the process of planting in the sparse areas that occur in the existing beards or mustaches of men, thanks to the root to be taken from the hair. It is possible to have very full beards in practice. In general, the structure of the hair is very different from the hair. For this reason, roots to be extracted from the neck are often preferred. The area taken is mostly the nape area. Thanks to this, the density increases and the beard transplantation process is planted within a few hours thanks to local anesthesia.


How Are Channels Opened in Beard Transplantation?

The channels available here are composed of micro-channels. Needles are used instead of knives. Apart from that, the angle is provided in a smooth and linear way. The thicknesses opened are between 0.6 and 0.7 millimeters. The beards planted in this way are taken care of in about 8 hours. The longer the process, the more the beard price increases in the same direction. Lately beard transplant prices 2022 differs in the year. The volume of the area to be applied in beard treatments, the amount of roots affects the prices.


What Should Be Done After Beard Transplantation?

After people have their beards transplanted, a slight redness occurs in this area. After the process is completed, approximately 24 to 48 hours later, the area is washed and cleaned at the same time. Slowly, the hair roots are starting to show themselves. Beard growth begins to show itself in approximately 1-2 weeks. Thanks to the blood flow formed here, it achieves a very natural image. The area needs to be protected very sensitively.


How Are The Prices Of The Beard Transplantation Procedure?

The prices in this planting vary depending on the amount of roots, the process of planting and many reasons. The current price ranges have been changing recently. Especially beard transplant prices 2022 slightly higher than in other years. The biggest reason for this is the shorter duration of the process, the more conscious planting and the use of more root amount. In this planting process, sometimes beard transplantation is needed due to genetic reasons, sometimes injury or accident exposure, burning and similar reasons. Recently, when people want to change their appearance, they apply to the beard transplant process. Before the procedure, a necessary check is made after an examination and the operation is started after the necessary conditions are met.