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Besiktas Hair Transplant

Baldness, which develops due to hair loss, is a hair loss problem that occurs due to various factors and affects men or women. The most definitive and advanced treatment today is hair transplant are methods. The number of people who apply for hair transplantation to solve the problem of baldness or hair thinning is increasing day by transplant, It is a micro-surgical method. Its history dates back to 1939 and today it is applied with highly advanced techniques. The application of hair transplantation, which includes advanced technologies and techniques that do not leave traces in the donor areas, is a necessity not only in terms of getting the desired results, but also in terms of health. For this reason, hair transplant patient candidates Besiktas hair transplant centers It is one of the topics that has been meticulously researched.

Should I have a hair transplant?

hair transplant, Today, it has become a preferred field of aesthetic surgery. People with baldness problems may have various concerns before the operation. Getting a hair transplant in Beşiktaş Those who want to work in the centers that are experienced in the field, have strong references and prioritize the satisfaction of the patient. hair analysis They can decide to have a hair transplant. In the face of the problem of hairlessnessShould I have a hair transplant?, Who can have a hair transplant?' question is often asked. hair transplant, It can be done by all women and men in the face of baldness that develops due to various factors, especially genetic factors. It is stated that if the hair loss has the origin of the disease, the disease should be treated first by the experts. Hair transplantation is also recommended in case of permanent hair reduction, thinning or baldness in the hair after the treatment of diseases.

Who is Beşiktaş hair transplant performed by?

In hair transplantation, transplantation is carried out from the donor areas with hairy and strong hair follicles to the areas where the hair is thinning. hair transplant It is an operation and is performed under operating room conditions. Therefore, it requires expertise and meticulousness. Deciding on the treatment, performing hair analysis, taking the patient's history and pre-interview are important steps before the hair transplant is applied. Demanding meticulousness with all stages of hair transplantation, Besiktas hair transplant It requires those who want to have it done carefully and choose the treatment center meticulously.  hair transplantIt is performed by specialists in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery after medical education, as well as dermatology and venereal diseases specialists. Besiktas hair transplant First of all, it should be ensured that professional doctors who are experts in their fields are working in the centers. Our experienced clinic, which provides meticulous service in the field of hair transplantation candidates, prioritizing the satisfaction of the patients. Selda Hair Center' They can also get information by having a hair analysis.