Breast Augmentation Surgery

Aesthetic means that which is suitable for the sense of beauty. Breast augmentation, also known as breast augmentation, is a type of breast aesthetics performed using breast implants. Today, this operation, which is not only performed for aesthetics, is also performed to eliminate health problems. The opposite of breast augmentation, which is a surgical operation, is called breast reduction. It is recommended that these aesthetic operations be performed by professional hands, as well as by specialist and experienced clinics. Here comes the site, which has over ten years of experience and works with specialist physicians in every field of aesthetics.


Information About Breast Augmentation Surgery

breast augmentation Various implants are used in surgery. In addition, adipose tissue or stem cells in the body can also be used. If the fat tissue in the body itself is used in the surgery, the fat taken from both sides of the abdomen is placed on the breast tissue. The operation is supported by stem cells in order for the adipose tissues to be permanent in their new places, to nourish the vessels and to form new vessels.

If an implant is used in breast augmentation surgery, a silicone gel is mentioned. In the case of placing the breast implant, the surgeon makes a single incision in one of three possible locations. This incision may be in a crease under the breast, under the arm, or around the nipple.

The surgeon places the implant in place and closes the incision area with sutures. Here, the selection of the incision site is important to minimize scar formation.


Are There Risks of Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Every surgery has certain risks. Because it is a surgical procedure breast augmentation surgery risks is also in question. We can list these risks as breast pain, infection, change in the nipple, difference in breast sensation, implant leakage, rupture, scar tissue that distorts the shape of the breast implant.

When these risks occur, it may be necessary to remove or replace the implant to correct it. In this case, it means that it requires more surgery.


Information About Breast Augmentation Surgery Prices

For people who will have breast augmentation surgery, prices are as important as choosing a physician. But it should be known that breast augmentation surgery prices may vary depending on the technique of the operation to be performed. Therefore, your clinic or doctor will give you the most accurate information on this subject.

You can use site to get both support and information on issues such as examination, method to be applied, price.


Purpose of Breast Augmentation Surgery

There are various reasons for breast augmentation surgery. The chest area is a bodily area of a woman's sense of self-confidence. For this reason, one breast being smaller than the other breast, disproportionate or small breasts can lead to a lack of self-confidence in women. This means that the woman experiences psychological problems and unhappiness.

People who are disturbed by this situation apply to the relevant specialists and are examined. In addition to this disease, breast cancer is also a disease that requires breast augmentation surgery in some cases. People are in anticipation during and after breast augmentation surgery. Individuals should openly share these expectations with their doctors.

The preparation phase, the operation process and the result of the operation will be shaped according to this situation. As a result of the surgery, both breast size and breast shape may change. This in turn affects the image of the body. A woman who achieves the body she desires gains self-confidence. Another condition that changes the appearance of the breast is weight gain or weight loss after surgery. People who are not satisfied with the appearance of their breasts after the surgery can have the surgery again.