Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation


You may be wondering about the operations and methods performed for people who have lost volume in the breast structure. We share with you the applications made in order to gain breasts with a more regular shape. You may be wondering how the augmentation processes will take place with the use of one's own fat or silicone prosthesis preferences. You can learn the price information from our address, which will provide details on all these issues. We share with you the answers to all your questions about Breast Augmentation.

What are the Considerations for Breast Augmentation?

You should give the right information to your doctor, who will ask general questions about your health. You should stop taking medications such as painkillers or aspirin 7 days before. It is considered appropriate to leave herbal teas and natural supplements because they have the feature to increase the risk of bleeding. It is recommended to take a break or quit completely because smoking or other harmful habits prolong the recovery period. Since there is a risk of increased bleeding during menstruation, it is recommended to discuss this with your doctor.

What should be considered after the Breast Augmentation operation?

People who have had this operation are discharged on the same day or hospitalized for 1 day. You will be prescribed which medications to use after discharge. During the 1-week period, you will need to rest constantly and support it with more pillows. It is recommended not to apply any pressure on it before 1 month is up. You will need to not consume habits such as smoking, which delay the healing time of wounds, for a while after as well as before the surgery. While emphasizing that there is no risk of cancer formation after the surgery, necessary intervention will be made in case of detections such as a mass.

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