Breast Lift Prices 2023

One of the procedures performed by people with low or sagging breasts to gain an aesthetic appearance is breast lift. Breast sagging may occur, especially during rapid weight gain or postpartum breastfeeding. At the same time, many people experience sagging chest problems due to genetic predisposition. breast lift It is possible to have steeper breasts with the operations. The desired breast shape is obtained with this process, which renews the skin tissues and restores the elasticity.

Breast lift surgery is one of the surgical procedures. Compared to its old appearance, a more flexible and upright form is obtained. People with large breast size also experience sagging. Such problems also cause back pain and serious health problems in the future. People get rid of these problems permanently by breast lift surgery that will remove these sagging at an early age. Many women who want their bodies to look more shaped and aesthetically pleasing, achieve their desired appearance as a breast lift surgery.


What is Breast Lift Prices 2022?

Breast lift surgery is very effective in terms of both health and aesthetic appearance. Breast lift surgery is one of the procedures that are beneficial for people with large and low breasts. In particular, keeping the breast upright also increases the mobility of the person. Recently, many people with this problem are searching for treatment and surgery. Breast lift prices 2022 It varies according to the place and the size of the surgery. A personalized treatment program is developed and given at an affordable price.


Who is Eligible for Breast Lift Surgery?

Breast lift surgery is performed for people who experience breast engorgement due to rapid weight gain and genetic wrapping problems. Breast lift surgery is one of the operations recommended for women who experience sagging due to breastfeeding for a certain period of time after giving birth. In many people with large and large breasts, wrapping becomes evident over time. For this reason, breast lift and reduction surgery is recommended. With this surgery, people also prevent lower back and back pain or hernia formation in the future.


What Should Be Considered After Breast Lift Surgery?

There are many points that people should pay attention to after breast lift surgery. Since this surgery is a surgical procedure, it is recommended that people stay under observation for at least 1 day. Heavy work or heavy lifting is strictly prohibited. Especially in the first month, it is recommended to pay attention to the movements of the person. Plenty of fluids and water should be consumed. For rapid recovery and recovery, people should wear a corset for at least 2 weeks. This corset also helps to reduce edema and keep the breasts upright.


How is Breast Lift Surgery Performed?

Breast lift surgery is primarily performed under the supervision and examination of a specialist physician. As a result of the examination, it is decided whether the person is suitable for surgery. For those who are suitable for surgery, a day is given and the surgical procedures are started on that day. The surgery takes about 2 hours. mastopexy This procedure, known as , is performed by giving anesthesia to the patient. It is one of the applications that requires a surgical intervention. The surgery is completed as a result of removing the excess breast tissue and fat and combining the other two parts.


How Long Is the Recovery Process After Breast Reduction Surgery?

The recovery period after the operation is known as 1 month in total. At the end of 1 month, the person begins to continue his normal life from where he left off by fulfilling the obligations that must be followed for 1 month.