What is Breast Lift Surgery? Is it risky?

Breast Lift Surgery

Breast aesthetics is an operation performed to achieve the desired appearance of the breast form. The problem to be dealt with is the small size of the breast or its sagging and size, developmental deformities or even a buried nipple. Breast lift surgery is one of the most common operations in breast aesthetics. Among the most frequently asked questions are breast lift surgery prices is happening.


What is Breast Lift Surgery?

It is an operation similar to breast reduction surgery. The main purpose of breast lift surgeries is to regain the new form of the skin tissue that makes a song in the breast. The operation is performed by removing special drawings or a very small amount of tissue. In this way, the sagging skin tissue is collected and it has a more upright appearance.


 Why is it done?

-Loss of firmness of the breast

-Downward turning of the nipple due to sagging

-One breast becoming smaller than the other breast

-Be soft


Why Do Breasts Sagging?

If the ligaments carrying the breast weaken and lose their effect due to hereditary reasons, the breasts sag. However, breast sagging is more common in lactating mothers and pregnant women. The reason for this is; breast tissue is filled with milk. After breastfeeding, the breast tends to soften and sag after the milk is discharged. Among other reasons; There are varying volumes depending on weight gain and loss. Due to this reason, the skin loses its elasticity. Another important reason is tissue weakness due to aging.


Is Breast Lift Surgery Risky?

Bleeding in breast lift surgery Although it is very rare, there is a possibility of bleeding during or after breast lift surgery. If there is bleeding despite the use of a drain during the surgery, an additional procedure may be required to drain it. When viewed in the light of this information Is breast lift surgery risky? In answer to the question, there are risks as in any surgery.


How is Breast Lift Surgery Performed?

The surgery is performed in the hospital and takes place under general anesthesia. The new location and diameter of the nipple and ring are also calculated and drawn according to the patient's body measurements, taking into account certain points. Excess skin is removed from the appropriate parts. The nipple is brought to the higher point where it should be. Breast lift surgery generally takes between 1.5 and 2.5 hours.

Depending on the technique used and the procedure to be performed, there is a possibility of a change in the duration of the operation. However, it is possible to experience mild pain and ache in the first times after breast lift surgery. It is sufficient to use simple painkillers and the pain disappears on other days. For the first four days, the breasts are wrapped with a bandage. It is done with the aim of preventing the formation of infection. On the fifth day, the bandage is opened and dressing is done for a certain period of time.