Breast Lift

Breast Lift


Thanks to breast aesthetics, which is the most preferred among aesthetic operations, it is possible to obtain a more pleasant appearance. Lifting operation is performed for breasts that appear excessively drooping, larger than normal or buried. In this article, what is Breast Lift? How is it done and to whom is it applied? We will try to give answers to such questions. While emphasizing that it is not possible to benefit from these procedures without surgery, you can learn from your specialist doctor what the risks may be.

Who is Breast Lifting?

In cases where the breast tissue is not at a sufficient level, it is seen that sagging appearances occur. Breast lift operation is performed for people who have such problems. If the crease under the breast is located in the lower part, this operation is needed to bring the nipple to an upright position. Along with the Breast Lift operation, you can request other procedures and have them applied in combination.

How is Breast Lift Performed?

Breast Lift operation is performed with incisions to be made around the nipple, in the fold or in the inverted T-shaped part extending under the breast. Decisions about which method to use are determined according to the patient's condition and needs. We state that this intervention, which should be performed surgically, can take approximately 2 hours. The most curious issue after aesthetic operations is whether there will be any scars. We can emphasize that the scars that are evident in the early period will become more obscure in the later periods.

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