Buttock Prosthesis

Buttock Prosthesis

We provide comprehensive explanations about the butt prosthesis procedures applied for people who want their butt to reach a more prominent appearance. You will be able to do extensive research on the services and results you can get on our site. butt prosthesis You will be able to learn what the applications will gain, how to perform them and what processes they consist of.

What is Buttock Prosthesis?

You will be able to receive comprehensive services in the field of aesthetics consisting of operations such as butt stretching or correction or lifting. butt prosthesis Thanks to the applications, surgical incisions are made and operations are performed. Thus, thanks to the processes that you can see the effect of in a short time, it is possible to achieve the look you target. With the use of filling materials, it is ensured that the butt gains a more beautiful appearance.

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What are the things to consider for Buttock Prosthesis?

The patient's butt prosthesis How suitable for surgery will be evaluated. Since losing weight in the post-operative period will prevent you from getting productive results, you should follow such diet programs beforehand. For this procedure, which is among the surgical operations, smoking and aspirin should not be used for a period of 3 weeks. People who use herbal vitamins and drugs will be asked to inform their doctor about this. Your doctor, who will consider it appropriate to discontinue blood thinners 1 week in advance, will give you information and ideas on this matter. You should take the right steps in choosing a specialist doctor and examine the satisfaction of people who have had similar operations before. Thus, you can immediately access detailed information about the procedures for this area, which you would like to appear in proportion to your body.

What should be considered after the Buttock Prosthesis operation?

For the first days, you should avoid activities such as walking. In this process, where you have to lie on your back, you should act in accordance with your doctor's controls. You can get up and walk from the second day and you will be allowed to take a bath when you leave the hospital. From the first week, when your movements will not be restricted, you will be able to return to your work completely. Unlimited participation in sports activities will take place from the 2nd month. butt prosthesis We convey that you will achieve natural shapes in the operation after the 3rd month.