What is DHI Hair Transplantation? DHI Hair Transplant Advantages!

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What is Dhi Hair Transplantation?


Hair is an important detail that is described as appearance for women and men. Therefore, a system called DHI hair transplantation has been developed against hair loss. Thanks to this system, the hair is rooted and baldness is terminated. Alright, what is dhi hair transplant This hair transplant is also called implanter pen hair transplant. Direct hair transplantation is performed with advanced hair transplantation technology. The most distinctive feature of this method is hair transplantation without incision. This two-stage method is a highly preferred method of hair transplantation.



Dhi Hair Transplant Advantages What are they?

It is preferred because it is a hair transplant performed without any aesthetic intervention. It is a method that is frequently used not only for men but also for women. This method, which is made by determining the right angle, gives the person's hair a very natural shape. It gives shorter and more effective results than other methods. So this method dhi hair transplant advantages permanent solutions emerge. It is definitely a process that is done without damaging the existing hair. The person who has the procedure enters the recovery process quickly. Thanks to the advanced state-of-the-art equipment, the waiting time is reduced to a minimum. It is a very risk-free method.


What are the DHI Hair Transplant Stages?


The procedure is started by applying local anesthesia to the area where the hair will be transplanted. This process continues with the special pen of the tool. This pen collects the hair follicles in order. The process is continued by placing the collected hair follicles on the skin on the head by means of a device. While this process continues in this way, the hair follicles are slowly settled under the scalp. This method certainly does not harm healthy tissues. This process takes about 10 to 12 hours per hour. After the process is finished, the washing starts after the second day. This process takes eight days in this way.


What are the DHI Hair Transplant Prices?


There is no clear information about the prices. Because the prices differ from person to person according to the size of the transplanted area and the number of hair transplants. This process is definitely done by experts. Prices are determined after inspection. After the person undergoes a comprehensive examination, it is clear here how much hair will be transplanted, how long this job will take, and how large a region it is. It is very important that the clinic where the patient will be transplanted is opened by experts and the people who will perform the transplant are experts.


Is DHI Hair Transplantation Done Everywhere?


Hair transplantation is not done everywhere. For this reason, hair transplantation is performed in the clinic, which you can easily reach from seldahaircenter.com with its reliable staff. Here, hair transplantation is performed to please the person with its expert staff and magnificent services. This planting, which takes place in a hygienic environment with appropriate equipment and equipment, gets full marks from the customers. Everyone can get the hair they want with regular controls after the transplantation.