Thanks to the medical pen used in DHI hair transplantation, the channel is opened in a short time and the hair follicle is placed at the same time. Thus, two processes are applied at once.

The hair collected by this method is transplanted directly to the area. It is applied with a tool called “DHI Pen”. When the hair is placed in the pens, it is directly transplanted into the target area. In this method, there is less transplantation and less bleeding as the channels are created at the size of the graft.

Hair transplantation is done gradually in this method. The stages of DHI are listed as follows:

Collection: At this stage, a region smaller than 1 diameter is removed and collected with a special tool called a "micromotor". It leaves no scars and the collected hair is ready for transplant immediately.

Editing: The hair is placed in pens with channels suitable for its length.

Hair Transplantation: The hair in the pencils is applied directly to the bald area, thus creating channels that allow all hair to be transplanted at the same time. The hair is easily transferred according to the angle and depth in the area.

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Hair Transplantation and Aesthetics

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