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People always want to have a very nice and good appearance. When looking at people, in addition to clothing and clothing, facial features and parts draw attention. Conditions such as loss of eyebrows or loss of eyebrows for various reasons create some aesthetic concerns in many people. Because the eyebrows have an important role in the external appearance that affects the face and facial expression. Therefore, it is extremely important that there are no problems. If you are faced with such a problem, professional support should be sought.

It should be known that there are many good possibilities, methods and possibilities in the medical field for the solution of this eyebrow deficiency. All that is needed is to contact experts who have expertise in the relevant subject. In line with eyebrow transplant Istanbul services, we, as Selda Hair Center, are able to offer professional assistance to all our clients.

We always continue our eyebrow transplanting Istanbul activities in the most effective way. By using all the advanced possibilities of modern medicine, we can successfully eliminate eyebrow deficiency problems. We bring people together with the most reasonable options for eyebrow transplant prices.

Eyebrow Transplantation Prices

Eyebrow transplant prices generally vary depending on many different factors. First of all, it should be known that the main distinguishing factor at this point is the methods. Because the options are quite wide in this regard. Some evaluations are made on a person-specific basis and an appropriate method is selected.

Currently, this situation allows the emergence of net relevant prices. Just like in hair transplantation, the number of grafts is taken into account for how many transplantations. You can contact our Selda Hair Center organization for price information on health services in this direction.


Is Eyebrow Transplantation Permanent?

One of the most curious things of most people is whether the treatment is permanent. It should be known that if all procedures are carried out meticulously and professionally, the eyebrows will protect themselves in good proportion.

They can be used smoothly without any spillage for an ideal period in life. Since operations are performed with hair follicles in the relevant operations, the cells are also transported to different places.

This beautiful situation is among the most important details that make the eyebrows permanent. As a result of a successful transplant, the relevant roots provide full compatibility with the skin.


Who Can Get Eyebrow Transplantation Service?

Eyebrow deficiency problems can occur due to different reasons. Some unwanted accidents, burns can cause this. On the other hand, some skin and skin diseases can also compare people with such problems.

No matter how the situation has developed, it is absolutely necessary to enter a treatment process suitable for it. Anyone over the age of 18 can benefit from the treatment for this health problem. All individuals over the age of majority, regardless of male or female, can get professional help without any problems.

They can improve their quality of life in terms of aesthetic appearance. It is enough to apply to our clinic for the prices of eyebrow transplantation in 2022. In addition, you can learn which techniques we use within the scope of eyebrow transplantation services in 2022.


How Is Eyebrow Transplantation Performed?

As in hair transplantation, the procedures for eyebrow transplantation are carried out with great care. First of all, the eyebrow parts of the people are made ready for the operation. In order not to feel any pain, the procedure is started with the application of local anesthesia.

Hair follicles to be used as donors are collected from the relevant area. Some small channels are created for application on the surface of the part where eyebrow transplantation will be made. Afterwards, they are planted with precision so that no disruptions will occur.


When Do Eyebrows Start to Grow After Eyebrow Transplantation?

Again, one of the most important issues for people is when the eyebrows will grow after a successful operation. Many experiences have shown that new eyebrows begin to form within an average of 3 months.

Accordingly, after a period of 6-8 months has passed, the situation becomes even more noticeable. After the operation, some people may also encounter the problem of slight shedding again. However, it is necessary to know that this is temporary.


What Happens After Eyebrow Transplantation?

At the end of the treatment for eyebrow transplantation, people can return to their daily work without feeling too much discomfort. Among the eyebrow transplant comments, there are many people who talk about this situation. Eyebrow transplantation comments and explanations must be looked at before the operation.

Some people may feel some pain after the application. Even mild swelling may accompany this situation. However, this is nothing to worry about. Because such effects are usually short-term and temporary. Besides, you can find out which techniques we use within the scope of eyebrow transplant 2022 services.

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