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Face Lift Surgery Turkey

Face Lift Surgery

Although face lift, which we encounter a lot in our daily lives, is often thought of as a medical procedure performed due to aesthetic concerns, it is sometimes performed as a medical necessity.

Face lift surgery, which is mostly done for aesthetic concerns, has started to be preferred not only by women but also by men. In general, face lift operations are preferred to recover skin loosening and sagging that occur on your face when you reach a certain age. In fact, this operation, which is not limited to age, is also performed as a result of the person’s feeling of aging and determining that the former dynamism of the face has lost at the point of examination.

Face Lift Surgery Turkey

At the end of the examination made by the specialist aesthetic doctor; If it is determined that there are loosening, sagging or deformations in the skin, facelift surgery is performed for all these problems. Today, with the developing technology, the price of face lift has decreased to a great extent. Moreover; Due to reasons such as the recovery rate after the surgery is too high, the preferences for this procedure have started to increase. Before the operation, the patient’s old state is looked at and how his aging occurs, where and in which direction he is deformed in the face area is determined.

Facelift surgery is not just about stretching the skin. For the surgery that needs to be concluded correctly and successfully; not only the skin, but also all skin layers are shaped in three dimensions. With the incision made on the skin, the operation is performed by interfering with the connective tissues and mimic muscles under the skin, as well as the tissues that have loosened downwards. In this operation, small touches are made to the deep tissues under the skin; loosened and sagging parts are moved to places on a normal face. As a result, the facelift process eliminates all existing disorders.

The issue that everyone is curious about after the procedure is the duration of the surgery. At this point, with the correct planning, it is possible to achieve 5 or 10 years of rejuvenation in the patient’s face after facelift surgery. In surgeries performed by specialists, the duration of the effects is longer with the face lift tape. Generally speaking, under normal conditions, these permanence periods last up to 10 years.

Face Lift Surgery Prices

Face lift, which has become popular by many people today and is the solution to the appearance of sagging and collapses on the skin, which bothers people, includes quite different prices. From this point of view, the price of a facelift is not a standard feature. It changes after the process. The more transactions, the higher the price will be. When an additional transaction will be made, there will be changes in the price again. Considering all these, people who want to have these procedures should first be examined by a specialist doctor and the price of a facelift should be determined.

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