Face Lift Surgery

Face Lift Surgery

Today face lift surgeryAlthough it is seen as a medical operation performed by women due to aesthetic concerns, it is often seen as a medical necessity. Face lift operations, which are generally performed for aesthetic concerns, are currently not only performed by women but also by men. Face lift surgeries, which are very popular, are mostly preferred for the purpose of recovering the problems that appear on the face of people of a certain age and occur in the form of skin loosening or sagging.

It is also not right to talk about an age restriction for facelift procedures. Because the person's feeling of aging on his own face and the detection of the loss of dynamism in his face as a result of the examination performed by the specialist doctor, is a sufficient reason for the surgery.

Nowadays, after obesity surgery, which is very preferred, people lose very serious weight, so too much sagging occurs on the skin, which disturbs people with a weak and fit appearance. As a result, after this surgery, people face lift surgery  they prefer.

If people apply to a specialist doctor due to their aesthetic appearances that they do not find pleasant on their bodies, an examination is performed by a specialist doctor and it is determined that there are deformations such as loosening or sagging in the skin; These problems are eliminated by facelift surgery. With the developing technology, face lift prices is also quite low; The recovery process after this surgery is very fast. Accordingly, the number of people who prefer this surgery is increasing day by day.

Specialist doctors look at the photos of the patient to look at the youth before the surgery and determine how the person is aging, in which parts of the face and in what way there is deformation. This too face lift price provides the emergence of the elements that will affect the elements.

When face lift surgery is performed; only the skin is thought to be stretched. But this is not a correct thought. With a surgery that will be correct and successful for a specialist doctor, not only the skin of the person, but also all skin layers are performed in a three-dimensional way. With the incisions made on the skin by the doctor, the connective tissues, mimic muscles and loosened tissues of the person are intervened.

With the touches made by the specialist doctor to these tissues under the skin, the loosened and sagging areas are moved to the areas where they should be on a smooth face, and the existing disorders that arise accordingly are quickly eliminated. The main questions that remain in the minds of people who have had facelift surgery; whether there will be any scars after the surgery.

Since face lift surgeries are performed with endoscopic techniques with tiny incisions of 1 or 2 mm and remain in the hair, there is no scarring. In addition, with classical techniques, since these incisions are in the front or behind the ear and placed between the natural lines on the face, they heal and become invisible after a certain period of time.

With the correct planning after the operation, the face lift surgery is achieved as a result of rejuvenation on the face of the patient, which will last for 5 to 10 years. The permanence of the effects of this type of surgery, which will be performed in expert hands, is longer than the facelift band and other methods.


Face Lift Surgery Prices

Face lift surgeries are performed after aesthetic concerns and to ensure the aesthetics of the face after the surgery. face lift prices is effective on. There are many different factors that affect the prices of facelift surgeries, and since special operations are performed for each patient, a standard price is also prevented. What we generally look at face lift price varies depending on some factors. These factors are;

-The method applied to the patient; is the main factor in determining prices. The price of facelift surgery, which will affect the entire face, is higher than the prices of smaller facelift surgeries.

- Performing some other aesthetic operations on the patient along with this operation also affects the price.

The conditions of the hospital where this operation will be performed, the specialist doctor and the team performing the facelift operation affect the prices.

- Since most of the materials used during facelift operations are imported from abroad, the differences in exchange rates also affect the prices.