Face Lift

Face Lift


You may be wondering how to remove sagging that may occur on your face and skin after a certain age. What is Face Lift, which is among the operations performed in different ways according to the needs of each individual? What awaits you in this process? You can find answers to questions such as: We give the answer of how you can remove the traces that indicate aging in the middle and lower regions, thanks to the procedures that will make you look dynamic and young.

What are the Considerations for a Face Lift?

For the Face Lift operation, where you can achieve permanent results, you need to pay attention to some issues before the procedures. You can express your expectations clearly in your meetings with your doctor. People using certain drugs should inform their doctor. If you are smoking, you should quit 2 weeks before. Otherwise, the wounds will take much more time to heal.

What should be considered after the Face Lift operation?

While choosing the operations that will make you look younger, you need to be careful in the 3-4 week period. In this process, you should stay away from make-up products, avoid exposure to sunlight, and take a break from the consumption of various medications such as aspirin. In addition, while it is not recommended for people to consume herbal tea, they should stop smoking for a while. Otherwise, it is emphasized that the wounds will heal much later. When you want to hide the dressing scars after the operation, you can benefit from having long hair.

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