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Sisli Hair Transplantation Center

Today, it is possible to say that hair transplantation treatment has increased considerably and this treatment has started to be preferred. With the increase in the interest of people who have lost or thinned hair in this treatment method, it has become quite normal for the number of hair transplant centers to increase. Foggy Hair October Our Center It is well known for its cultivation methods and services and is preferred by people. If you are not satisfied with your hair loss due to many reasons or if you see that your hair is thinning and you are uncomfortable, you can contact us and make an appointment for treatment. We provide you with the hair of your dreams with our healthcare team and doctors who have mastered all treatment methods! First of all, we address the question marks in your mind by talking about the stages of this treatment and many situations that you need to pay attention to; We are sure that you will have a more comfortable process after getting the answers to the questions in your mind. “Your health is entrusted to usWe want you to know that we are moving forward with the stamp ”; With this situation, we do not want you to undergo this treatment with an uncomfortable mood.

What is hair transplantation?

hair transplant, It is the definitive treatment of baldness or baldness. 'What is hair transplantation?' How to do hair transplantation?' frequently asked questions. Sisli hair transplant, It is the process of transplanting healthy hair follicles to areas with baldness. Durable and resistant to shedding hair follicles, which are usually taken from the nape of the neck, are surgically placed in areas where the hair is reduced.

Latest technology in hair transplantation

At our Şişli Hair Transplantation Center It is also worth mentioning that you will be treated with highly equipped and state-of-the-art equipment. There is no doubt that you will be satisfied with this process that you will spend under the control of our healthcare team and doctors. I would like to briefly talk about the stages of hair transplantation; At the beginning of these stages and the issue that doctors pay the most attention to is hair analysis. Doctors make this analysis as a result of some tests and controls; After this situation, we make a personalized hair transplant plan in our center. In the week when the hair transplant plan is created, you come and get your treatment at any time you leave the clinic; We recommend that you spend 3 to 5 days for this treatment and the pre-healing process. After your hair transplant, by our doctors and healthcare professionals close following We also need to state that you will be there and we will share the details of this follow-up process with you. You can contact us and make an appointment for an interview without the slightest question mark in your heart, mind and logic. The mission we set in our center related to our work, the people we serve pleased to be able to and after this process satisfaction is to be able to. The reason for our progress with this point of view is that many hair transplantation centers make wrong operations in some cases and act unconsciously.

Selda Hair Center

There are a limited number of hair transplant centers on the market that you can trust and have your hair transplant done with peace of mind; one of them too Selda Hair Center in Şişli. We are sure that you will leave this process very consciously with the advice and speeches of our doctors; In addition, you will be informed in detail about what you will experience during the operation, your treatment and recovery process. In addition to the opportunities we offer you, it is one of the advantages of our center that our healthcare professionals take special care of you due to their business understanding. While we pay attention to this situation, as we have said, many factors necessary for your satisfaction, trust and understanding of the importance we give to you are in order to do our job in the best way; If you want a healthy hair transplant, you can choose us.