hair transplant

Hair Transplant in Şişli

hair; It can be shed due to various reasons such as genetic factors, seasonal changes, injuries or diseases, iron deficiency, anemia. Hair thinning and baldness brought about by this situation can create some aesthetic concerns in people. For those who want to have a healthier and younger appearance and to find a solution to the problem of hairlessness due to aesthetic concerns. hair attachmentm or hair transplant operations It is the surest treatment.

What is hair transplantation?

hair transplant, It is the definitive treatment of baldness or baldness. 'What is hair transplantation?' How to do hair transplantation?' frequently asked questions. Sisli hair transplant, It is the process of transplanting healthy hair follicles to areas with baldness. Durable and resistant to shedding hair follicles, which are usually taken from the nape of the neck, are surgically placed in areas where the hair is reduced.

Who can have a hair transplant?

Considered as a health problem today hair loss treatments between hair transplant operations It has become highly preferred. It can be applied to women or men in cases of baldness that develops due to genetic factors, age or hormonal conditions, accidents or any operation. In the interview with the patients who are candidates for hair transplantation by the specialist doctor, donor controls, hair loss type and hair analysis will be made and suitability for hair transplantation will be evaluated.

hair transplant in Şişli

hair transplant, Today, it is a surgical process that requires meticulousness and is applied with serious and advanced technologies. It includes a series of processes ranging from hair analysis before the procedure to the application of the procedure and the follow-up of the patient after the procedure. hair transplant in Şişli The first thing the callers should know; The natural appearance of the hair after transplantation depends on the professional hair transplantation. Hair transplantation process It is a surgical operation that needs to be extremely meticulous, performed in sterile and operating room conditions, and also requires expertise. As in all health issues, it is necessary to leave the work to professionals in hair transplantation. Under the stairs businesses should be avoided, and should be treated very meticulously. Sisli hair transplant center It is an important issue for those looking for hair transplantation to work with professionals. Sisli hair transplant centers It should be chosen among health institutions that have integrated the latest and advanced treatments in hair transplantation with advanced technologies. It should be ensured that the centers work with specialist doctors. The patient's hair transplant  post- Follow-up is also an important issue.. With the understanding of quality service that prioritizes the happiness of patients Sisli hair transplant Selda Hair Center continues to accept patients from home and abroad in hair transplantation treatments.