What is FUE Hair Transplantation?

What is Fue Hair Transplantation?

Hair is a limb that is important for both men and women in all age groups. Hair is weakened and shed due to life-long difficulties, climatic conditions, genetic factors and medications used. Hair has a very important place in the social life of individuals, in its own inner world. No matter how much attention is paid, hair loss may occur for the reasons mentioned above.

Hair loss can be treated with hair transplantation . For any reason, hair that is shed regardless of male or female can be restored by fue hair transplantation . Hair transplantation is performed by the approved fue method. In this way, the openings in the head area are eliminated and bushy hair can be obtained.

How to Do Fue Hair Transplantation?

Fue method is the most used method for hair transplantation. With this method, hair strands or grafts taken from the neck area of the individual to be transplanted are usually planted in the area with opening and sparseness. It is not obvious that hungry people are taken from the nape and back of the neck during hair transplantation. Usually one of the 7 hairs in one area is removed in graft intake.

Where is Fue Hair Transplantation performed?

Hair transplantation is considered as a medical treatment. For this reason, the procedures before hair transplantation and hair transplantation should be carried out by authorized persons and institutions in this field. In these places with permission from the ministry of health, local anesthesia is given to the patients during hair transplantation. Therefore, every precaution should be taken against any bad situation.

What to Consider After Hair Transplantation?

Since anesthesia is used during hair transplantation, the sessions are generally completed within a day or two. After hair transplantation, patients are discharged if there is no problem after the effects of the drugs have passed. In order for the procedure to be successful, there are points to be considered after hair transplantation.

-After treatment, patients should consume plenty of water.

-The medications given by the doctor should be taken in a timely manner.

-It is convenient to wash the transplanted area untouched with special lotion for 10 days.

-After a day’s rest after the procedure, patients can start their normal life.

-After planting, it is necessary to go to the doctor to clean the shell-bound area.

-Prp strengthening is applied every month for the first four months afterwards.

Who is hair transplantation performed?

There are no gender, age and shape limitations for some hair. In order to perform hair transplantation, all necessary tests must be performed and the specialist doctor must give approval. Hair transplantation can be applied to any healthy individual.

Hair Transplantation Prices

Hair transplantation prices are changed depending on many factors. Many factors such as the device used in hair transplantation, anesthetic drugs, opening area change prices. The cost of the procedure varies according to the number of grafts used in hair transplantation.

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