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What is Fue hair transplant?

Fue hair transplant is one of the most well-known hair transplant methods. It is carried out by transferring the roots of healthy hair taken from the nape of the neck to the parts where there are baldness problems, which are generally seen in patients. The most important reason why hair is usually taken from the nape of the neck is that the roots of the existing hair on the nape are thicker, healthier and suitable for rapid growth.

The process of Fue Hair Transplantation Operation progresses gradually as follows;

  • In FUE hair transplantation, the areas to be transplanted should be marked. placed in these areas your grafts calculation and the steps of the grafts to be collected should be created.
  • In the Fue hair transplant operation, it should be determined in which areas the graft will be applied intensively.
  • In order for the hair to be transplanted to have a natural appearance, the direction of hair growth on the forehead line should be determined.
  • Before starting the operation, the hair is washed with antibacterial shampoos. The hair is sterilized and the nape area is shaved. Local anesthesia is applied to the patient.
  • Hair grafts collected for transplanting from the nape area are taken one by one and separated. After the separation process, the grafts are kept in a liquid with a special solution.
  • While the grafts are kept in a special solution, channels are opened with a micro motor for hair transplantation to the parts determined before the operation. Grafts are planted one by one in these channels. This is the most important stage of the Fue hair transplant operation.


  • After the grafts placed in the canals are completed, the dressing is performed. At the end of the dressing process, bandages are applied to the patients. Thanks to this bandage, edema formation that may occur in the patient is prevented.