Genital Surgery (Aesthetics)

Genital Surgery (Aesthetics)

Genital Surgery (Aesthetics) application is included in order to achieve the desired appearance of the vagina. Thus, necessary steps are taken to achieve permanent results. When you experience various problems such as infection, itching, discharge, you can contact your specialist doctor immediately. Thus, we convey that the problems you experience in the genital area will be resolved permanently. Instead of hiding these situations that will cause you to see serious psychological harm, you should seek solutions. Thanks to the surgical methods to be performed, it is acted according to the type of your problems. After the operations, it will be possible to successfully complete the treatment processes that you need to follow at home.

What should be considered for Genital Surgery (Aesthetics)?

Your doctor will determine how the operation will be performed in the best way. If the lips are large or small, the Labiaplastic process is performed, while the labium application is used to shape the thicker and fuller parts. You should learn what you need to pay attention to in order to get rid of sagging and discharge problems that people experience due to aging or various reasons. There are different recommendations according to the types of operations to be performed. Your doctor will give you the necessary information about the rules you should follow before the intervention. During the 2-month period when you will return to your daily life, you must comply with some prohibitions.

What should be considered after Genital Surgery (Aesthetic) operation?

to be applied to the patient Genital Surgery (Aesthetics) After the procedure, sexual intercourse should not be performed for a certain period of time. The risk of complications is very low in people who act in accordance with this prohibition in a period of approximately 2 months. If you have sexual intercourse early in this process, we convey that applying pressure will have inefficient results for the injured area.