What is a graft? How many grafts should a good hair transplant have?

Another factor that makes the hair look more natural and healthy in hair transplant operations depends on the amount of graft to be applied. graft; It is called the placement of hair follicles taken from the determined donor area to the bald areas. Grafts are divided into types. These are called single, double, triple or multiple roots. The density of the roots varies depending on the density of the hair and the hair structure. Thanks to the alignments made during the collection and extraction process of the hair follicles, the grafts are taken from the hair follicles and counted one by one according to their roots. The counting process is to equalize the number of grafts with the channels to be opened at this stage. It is important that the channels to be opened and the number of grafts to be placed are exact. In the hair transplant operation, the grafts are alive at every stage. They do not lose their vitality while being taken from the donor area, sorted and placed in the canals. They continue the natural hair cycle. They even begin to appear on the skin a few days after the hair transplant operation. During the operation, the vitality of the grafts should be preserved. It should be approached meticulously, professionally and sensitively. The number of grafts transplanted in the hair transplant operation also reveals the quality of the procedure. Considering the number that can be taken from the donor area of the patient in a single session, a maximum of 5500 grafts is the number that makes the hair look flawless. In general, there are great differences in the procedures performed depending on the technical knowledge of the specialist doctor, the professional team, the hair transplant technique used and the quality of the materials.