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Gynecomastia, which is seen in one out of every three men in Turkey, is known as a benign breast tumor in men. Even if it does not cause any health problems, it causes a disorder in appearance. The operation is performed for cases where such problems, which are more common since adolescence and occur in any process, do not go away on their own.

What is gynecomastia?

It is one of the situations that causes men to experience loss of self-confidence. Gynecomastia, which does not adversely affect your health, causes psychological and social problems. It occurs due to irregular levels of estrogen or testosterone hormones in the body of men. Symptoms can be seen in cases of excessive sensitivity in the breasts, complaints of swelling and pain, and fluid coming from the nipple.

What Should Be Considered for Gynecomastia?

If you are experiencing a gynecomastia problem at the beginning stage, then first of all, drug treatment will be performed. If the breast enlargement problem is resolved in this way, surgery will not be required. Different methods will be used in people who experience severe pain. Before deciding on the surgery, the patient will be informed about which drugs can be used by the specialist doctor. You can get some images from your doctor before the procedure and take a look at the results of previous applications.

What should be considered after the gynecomastia operation?

After the gynecomastia operation to be performed under general anesthesia, you will have a 1-day hospitalization period. After this period, you will be advised to rest at home. It will be recommended to wear a corset for the chest area for a while. It is recommended not to do heavy activities during the 3-week period when the corset, which should be worn continuously, will stop. Despite the complaints of bleeding or blood collection, importance is given to the use of drains. Care is taken to minimize the risk of infection with antibiotics containing drugs. Massage applications should be considered for irregularities that may occur in the thorax. You can get information about the solution and process of problems caused by hormonal imbalances or various reasons from our clinic.

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