How are the price differences in hair transplantation determined?

How are the price differences determined in hair transplantation?

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  • The difference between the techniques used in the operation that affects the price differences the most. At this stage, patients Fue Hair Transplant, DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) hair transplant or From sapphire hair transplant must determine whether he will benefit from it. Since the methods and techniques are different from each other, the experts and patients decide together in determining the technique that is suitable for the patients.
  • The awareness of the specialist doctor, his skills, being a professional person in his field and previous experiences are the basis of this difference. Working with professionals in the field, the patient goes through more natural hair and easier operation processes.

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  • How much is the patient in the hair transplant operation? graft will affect the price. Grafts differ according to the amount of tissue to be transplanted. At this stage, the number of grafts for each patient will be different.
  • This difference is related to the size of the deficiency in the patient's hair. After the problem areas are determined, the specialist doctor determines the appropriate number.
  • The most natural and healthy looking hair is seen in the hair that has been applied with a maximum of 5500 grafts.
  • The fact that the materials to be used in the operation process are special provides a professional service to the patients. The quality of the materials used affects the price.
  • Whether our international or domestic patients benefit from accommodation activities, providing accommodation before and after the operation changes the price difference.

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