Hair Transplant Turkey Results

Hair Transplant Turkey Results

Hair transplant Turkey results aesthetic improvement. Hair transplant results vary from person to person. This applies not only to the results of hair transplantation in Turkey, but also to the results of hair transplantation applied everywhere. People want to have hair transplantation in order to feel good, increase their self-confidence, be attractive, look younger, and be competitive in business life. This motivation, which is deeply felt about hair transplantation, is also reflected in our expectations about hair transplantation results. With this motivation hair transplant results You can ask the following questions about:

How will I look after hair transplantation?
When will my hair grow after a hair transplant in Turkey?
Will the result be as successful as my friends who had a hair transplant?
Will my hair transplant result remain for life?

Before hair transplantation, all questions of the patients should be discussed in detail with the doctor. Among these, two important issues should be understood by patients.

These, Hair transplant results in Turkeyit is personal and should not be compared with other hair transplant patients. The final result obtained will reflect the wishes of the patient and the doctor must consider many variables to achieve the ideal result. These variables are the patient's age, gender, hair loss pattern, whether the hair loss continues or not, hair type, color, head and face shape, and anatomical and physiological features of the scalp. Hair transplantation results can be evaluated according to all these variables.

Will my hair transplant results be as successful as my friend's?

It is wrong to compare the hair transplant results of two people, even if they are of the same age and gender. The first things to consider are the shape of the head, the type of hair loss and the degree of hair loss. However, there are many factors such as the thickness of the hair strands, the amount of hair strands in each hair follicle, whether it is straight, wavy or curly, hair color, contrast difference between hair color and scalp, and many factors such as contrast difference between hair color and scalp. It is effective in hair color. Obtained results.

The fact that the number of transplanted hair follicles is the same cannot be a guarantee that the same result will be obtained for everyone.

It is obvious that a fuller result will be obtained compared to the results obtained with thick hair follicles, thin and single roots containing excess hair. Curly hair strands have a more camouflage effect. As the contrast difference with the skin decreases, a fuller appearance emerges. This means that white hair and light skin and black hair will result in a fuller looking hair transplant than light skin.

When Are Turkey Hair Transplant Results Seen?

at 1, 3 or 6 months Turkey hair transplant resultsnın nasıl olacağını %100 başarı ile tahmin etmek mümkün değildir. Yalnızca istatistiksel ortalamalardan söz edilebilir. Genelde saç ekimi sonrası ekilen saç köklerinin içerdiği saç kökleri 1. ayda dökülür, 3. ayda tekrar saç üretmeye başlar ve sonuç çıkmaya başlar, %60-80 oranında sonuç alınır. altıncı ayda, kesin sonuç ise bir yılın sonunda ortaya çıkar.