Istanbul Hair Transplant

Problems such as thinning of hair, which can be permanent due to hair loss, and baldness in the hair area can negatively affect the self-perception of people. Permanent hair loss, whether male or female, caused by age-related or genetic factors, as a result of accidents in the form of burns or diseases whose treatment has been completed, hair transplant can be treated definitively. The fact that hair transplantation has been applied with advanced techniques that does not leave any traces for many years has increased the demand for treatment. Those who want their hair to regain its old appearance permanently hair transplant in Istanbul frequently explores the topic.

What is Istanbul hair transplant?

It is one of the most developing and demanding study subjects in the field of aesthetic surgery. hair transplant, It is the definitive solution to the baldness problem. hair transplant It is performed by transplanting strong hair follicles taken from the back of the patient's two ears to balding areas. As can be understood from here, it is a surgical treatment method. Therefore, it is a subject that requires meticulousness and expertise.

How is hair transplantation done in Istanbul?

hair transplant, It is a treatment applied with various techniques. Depending on the patient's baldness problem and the number of grafts to be applied, the treatment method is decided. Before applying hair transplantation, the patient's hair analysis is performed. At this point, it is important to establish a safe relationship between the patient and the doctor. In hair analysis, the number of grafts is decided. In addition, before hair transplantation, whether there is a health risk that hinders the operation is screened with various tests. Patient, hair transplant It is operated under operating room conditions and with anesthesia. It is important to be very sterile at this point. Grafts are collected from the donor area of the patient with a careful and professional procedure. Donor hair follicles are transplanted to bald areas with appropriate conditions and techniques. After the operation, the patient is informed about the controls and what needs to be done.

Is hair transplant safe in Istanbul hair transplant centers?

Those who decide to have a hair transplant may have concerns about the operation or the permanence of the results. hair transplant in Istanbul One of the most frequently asked questions aboutIs hair transplant permanent? Does the hair transplanted with hair transplant fall out??' is in the form. The hair that grows after the professional hair transplantation in expert hands is permanent. At this point, it should be realized that it is necessary to work with experts in order not to have any problems during the application phase and to get the desired result. hair transplant in Istanbul Hair transplantation can be performed safely in clinics that are approved by the Ministry of Health, have the necessary equipment and equipment, and work with a physician who has expertise in the field, and performs hair transplantation meticulously. Istanbul hair transplant center It is extremely important not to fall into the trap of underground businesses while searching. In order to make hair transplantation much cheaper, such practices that risk human health should not be respected. Our hair transplant patient candidates Istanbul hair transplant center Selda Hair Center' They can request expert support from