What is Labiaplasty?

labiaplastyGenital lip surgery, also known as genital lip surgery, is the most applied surgery of genital aesthetics. especially labiaplasty The first thing that comes to mind when you say labia minora is the operation of the small lips.

For whom is it done?

Labiaplasty should not be considered only as a plastic surgery. Genetically, unilateral growth and sagging may also be causes that make daily life difficult. Apart from that, loss of elasticity due to normal birth and age may also cause sagging and enlargement of these lips. Also, due to these reasons, on the pleasure organ we call the clitoris. There may also be excess tissue accumulation. It is possible to remove this excess tissue in the same session. This is called hudoplasty (hood reduction).

How is labiaplasty done?

We use 2 techniques in labiaplasty. These are cutting techniques determined according to the patient's condition and needs. These methods are Trim Labiaplasty and Wedge Labiaplasty. It can be applied with laser and cautery in our clinic. The average operation time is 45 minutes. It can be applied with general and spinal anesthesia. No scars or stitches are required after surgery. Recovery time is 6 weeks.

What should be done after labiapasti?

Sexual intercourse and heavy exercise are prohibited for 6 weeks after the operation. Slow pace walking is allowed. Shower is free, but there should be no hard movements in the operation area and it should be kept dry. Do not shave the genital hairs for the first 1 month. Ice application should be continued for 2 days after the operation, for every 4-5 hours, for 15 minutes.