Kagithane Hair Transplant

The fact that hair transplantation has developed considerably and has become an important field of aesthetic surgery has increased the demand for hair transplantation. Because Kagithane hair transplant centers information is frequently sought. Hair loss can occur due to genetic and age-like andrological reasons, as well as due to accidents such as burns. In addition to these reasons, it is also possible to treat permanent baldness after the treatment of various diseases. hair transplantrecommended as the most definitive treatment. First of all, those who decide on hair transplantation Kagithane hair transplant centers They need to do research on it meticulously.

What is hair transplantation? Is hair transplantation risky?

The most definitive treatment of the developing baldness problem in case the hair follicles lose their resistance to never develop again, hair transplantation or hair transplant. What is hair transplantation? hair transplant, It is an application in which the grafts taken from the regions where the hair follicles are strong are transferred to the regions where hair loss is intense, by surgical operation and under sterile conditions. It is a process that requires expertise and meticulousness, and the patient is followed up for a while after the application. As a treatment method, hair transplantation should be performed by physicians who have received specialization training. A high quality hair transplant is safely performed in operating room conditions, meticulously and in a sterile manner. However, serious conditions such as loss of sensation in the donor area can be experienced in hair transplants performed under non-sterile conditions by non-physicians in under-the-counter businesses. Therefore, patients Kagithane hair transplant centers While researching, first of all, he should request support from reliable and professional health institutions.

What should be considered when researching hair transplant centers in Kağıthane?

Those who decide on hair transplantation should work with a professional physician in the field. Kagithane hair transplant centers While investigating, a specialist should be sought who will choose the appropriate planting methods for the patient and who has gained experience in his field. Particular attention should be paid to the fact that the centers are approved by the Ministry of Health. Having a hair transplant in Kağıthane Those who want to work should also pay attention to the sterile conditions and equipment of the center they want to work in. He should also ask about the doctor's expertise. by the Ministry of Health hair transplant It should not be overlooked that it is allowed to be performed by dermatologists and venereal diseases specialists who comply with the regulations on the subject, physicians with medical aesthetics certificate and physicians who have expertise in the field of reconstructive, plastic and aesthetic surgery. Kagithane hair transplant center researchers Selda Hair Center' from hair analysis They can request detailed information on the subject.