Breathing problems may occur due to congenital curvature in the shape of the nose or due to reasons such as accident and injury. Surgical intervention will be required to perform some changes in bone and cartilage structures. You should not neglect to get information from us in order to learn the details, prices and processes of such transactions.


What are the Considerations for Rhinoplasty?

A number of questions are asked about the patient's history, and it is questioned which surgeries he has had or which drugs he is using. In addition, it is ensured that the analyzes and planning are done well by asking questions about the expectation. It is extremely important to make the most appropriate intervention for the need. In order to provide satisfactory results, attention is paid to the harmony between the nose structure and the contours of the face. You should be careful to consult specialist doctors so that even the slightest mistake does not take place in the operation, which affects your nose appearance and allows you to get aesthetically productive results.


What Should Be Considered After Rhinoplasty Operation?

After the operation, there is a period of approximately 7 days for people to complete the full recovery process. In order for you to be able to return to your work, school or social life, you need to be careful in a 3-week period. It will be possible to take the final shape of the nose structure in about 10 months. We convey that you should be careful not to get any blows to the nose area. 

You can also take steps according to the advice of your doctor, who will advise you not to take blood thinners. In this process, you should not perform activities that will increase blood pressure, such as sauna or hot steam, and stay away from traumas and injuries. Otherwise, you should remember that problems such as swelling may continue for a while. If you need to have a second operation, your doctor who will take such a decision will advise you to wait for 1 year after the first application.

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