Tummy Tuck Aesthetics

tummy tuck, in other words tummy tuck It is an aesthetic operation. Correction of insoluble adipose tissues and sagging skin structure over time. tummy tuck surgery (tummy tuck) is named.

Since tummy tuck surgery is not a weight loss procedure, this surgery should be decided after falling to the ideal weight. At the same time, if a situation such as pregnancy is considered, it will be a much more appropriate choice to perform the surgery after pregnancy. Because during delivery, there is a separation of the muscles that are stretched during the surgery.

Your surgery, Mini abdominoplasty, expanded abdominoplasty, standard abdominoplasty and fleur-de-lis abdominoplasty. Mini abdominoplasty is a method applied to patients with less sagging of the abdomen. Since sagging is less in this method, the surgical scar will be less in this way.

No general drain is required. Standard abdominoplasty is preferred for patients with more abdominal sagging. In this method, the belly button is displaced. The operation length will be longer compared to mini apdominoplasty. (about 20-25 cm on average) a drain is required in the surgery. Extended abdominoplasty is mostly applied to people who have lost significant weight. The recovery time is the same as the standard abdominoplasty method.


What are the Causes of Abdominoplasty?

The abdominal region is among the most suitable areas for sagging and lubrication. Since the lubrication here will also affect the internal organs in the abdomen, the organs here begin to fail to perform their functions adequately over time.

Over time, there is a loss of elasticity in the area. The reason for this is the deterioration of the balance of weight gain and loss, deformations after pregnancy. Unfortunately, since such disorders cannot be corrected with exercises, people are also known as tummy tuck apply for tummy tuck surgery.


How is Abdominoplasty Performed?

During tummy tuck surgery, first of all, excess skin and fat tissue in the body are removed. Then, the abdominal ligament is tightened with the help of sutures, resulting in a more taut abdomen. Tummy tuck It is also possible to remove the cracks in the area under the belly button.

meaning tight tummy tummy tuck In the technique, unlike normal tummy tuck surgeries, not only the lower abdomen but also the abdomen, waist and groin can be shaped. For surgery, a thin incision is made, usually under the underwear. If full tummy tuck surgery is to be performed, a second incision is made in the belly button area.

The incisions made in mini tummy tuck operations are much shorter. The abdominal muscles are stretched and strengthened from the cuts. Then the skin is stretched, the excess skin is removed and sutured. The operation is performed under general anesthesia and can take an average of two to five hours. The patient is discharged after a few days in the hospital.

The healing process can take from two weeks to two months. The patient should be extremely careful after the surgery, especially avoid lifting heavy things. The use of a corset after the surgery can prevent fluid accumulation and contribute to faster recovery of the abdominal muscles.

It takes at least three months for the final state to emerge after the surgery. During this period, paying attention to the exercises and diets recommended by the doctor will provide a happier result.


Who Is Abdominoplasty Suitable For?

This surgery is generally preferred by people who have lost excess weight, those with sagging in the abdomen, those who want to remove the sagging in the abdomen after liposuction, people with weak abdominal wall and those with excess fat in the belly area. In addition to these reasons, genetic factors may also cause the person to have tummy tuck surgery. Body mass index should be in good condition for surgery.

The operation is suitable for both men and women. However, tummy tuck is not recommended for people with serious conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and smokers. At the same time, it is necessary to be over the age of 18 for surgery.

As with any surgery, there are some risks in tummy tuck surgery. These risks are; asymmetrical appearance, inadequate result, loss of sensation, bleeding etc. are risks. When the surgery is performed by experts in the field, the probability of this risk will decrease even more.


Abdominoplasty Prices

It differs from person to person according to the content of the surgery. tummy tuck surgery pricesIt is determined according to the patient's condition as a result of the examination. It is one of the frequently preferred types of surgery in Turkey. Since the operation can be performed together with various operations such as liposuction, there is no fixed price.