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What is Hair Transplant?

With the loss of hair, a lifeless appearance occurs. People who want to eliminate this appearance apply for hair transplantation. Hair transplantation procedures are applied by preparing individually for the person through different techniques. Hair transplantation is done by applying it to the necessary parts of the hair and the missing hair surface. Hair follicles that are waiting to be revived are formed on the skin surface along with these transplantation procedures applied to areas where the hair follicle is not active. Hair transplantation procedures also offer different treatment possibilities for the person.

Hair transplant procedures are determined according to the rate of hair loss. With the prepared fue technique, the hair starts to grow much more and stronger than before. With this process to revitalize the roots, the hair grows bright and dense. Among the hair transplantation procedures applied for baldness problems, fue hair transplantation is one of the most popular applications of the last period. Thanks to fue hair transplantation, which is one of the natural processes, one's own natural hair begins to grow on the surface. It is one of the processes applied for the entire hair surface.

Who Is Hair Transplantation Suitable For?

Hair transplantation applications are suitable for anyone over 50 years of age who has hair loss problems. At the same time, hair transplantation procedures are recommended for people who encounter hair loss problems at an early age due to the technique. Regional hair loss problems are experienced in women due to hormonal or giving birth. Hair transplantation procedures are also applied to women in order to eliminate regional baldness. People who start to lose their hair at an early age benefit from hair transplantation techniques before baldness progresses. Then the hair regains its old natural appearance.

Why Do Hair Loss Problems Occur?

There are many different reasons for hair loss today. Stress is in the first place among these reasons. Especially in people who do troublesome and stressful jobs in business life, hair loss problems begin to occur at an early age. Hair loss is also possible with the use of hormonal or a certain medication. Genetic predisposition is also among the causes of hair loss. People who have genetic hair loss problems experience hair loss. It is possible to encounter conditions such as baldness with rapid loss of hair over time. According to the rate of hair loss, an appropriate technique can be preferred and an immediate intervention can be made.

What is Hair Transplant Prices 2022?

It is possible to get information about hair transplant prices for 2022 through our center. Hair transplantation prices 2022 current pricing is applied for the procedures applied to the person together with the renewed techniques. Along with the high quality and precise results of the procedures, the prices of hair transplantation for 2022 are prepared in accordance with the budget of many people. Fue technique and Dhi hair transplantation techniques are among the hair transplantation methods that allow people to get precise results. People who want to get results from hair transplantation applications in a short time can contact our company and get detailed information.

How is Hair Transplantation Performed?

Hair transplantation operations are performed by removing the hair follicles in the nape area first. These hair follicles are transplanted into the openings on the upper and lateral parts of the hair. This technique applied for hair transplantation is called graft. Grafts are applied to the hair surface of the person by going through various processes to cover the entire surface of the hair. In some people, hair transplantation is performed by removing the hair follicles in the arm or chest area. According to the clarity found in people, hair transplantation processes continue for a few hours. The maximum processing time takes 3 hours.

Which Transplantation Methods are Used for Hair Transplantation?

Fue hair transplantation, which is among the hair transplantation methods, is one of the procedures preferred by many people in terms of technique and application. People who want to see permanent results during hair transplantation benefit from this technique. Hair transplantation applications are carried out completely for the person. Dhi hair transplantation technique is one of the other hair transplantation procedures applied. This technique, which has similar features with Fue, provides a natural appearance to the hair in a short time. Small scars may occur in the Fue technique. However, hair transplantation procedures are completed for the entire surface.

Does Hair Start Shedding Again at the End of Hair Transplantation?

It is also wondered whether the hair will shed again at the end of the hair transplantation process. It is normal to experience hair loss again at the end of the application. With this hair loss, the hair follicles grow more vividly. There is a waiting period of 3 or 4 months for the hair to return to its original state. All the hair that has been shed during this period begins to grow stronger and more vibrant than before. The main purpose of applied hair transplantation procedures is to protect the hair follicles. For this reason, the hair follicles continue to hold under the skin in the spilled hair.

Does Transplanted Hair Gain a Natural Appearance?

It is possible to achieve a natural appearance with dhi hair transplantation, which is one of the hair transplantation procedures. Thanks to dhi hair transplantation, which is one of the hair transplantation applications, many people have a lively and natural hair structure. Techniques and care are very important to make the transplanted hair look natural. It is also possible for the hair to have a real hair structure and to have a natural appearance. In Sapphire and DHI hair transplantation procedures, 100 hairs are transplanted per 1 cm. For these reasons, the hair gains a natural appearance.

How Does the Hair Transplant Operation Process Proceed?

Hair transplantation operations are performed by trying two different methods, shaved or unshaven. Together with the cells taken from the hair tissue and the root, certain surfaces of the hair are shaved. Local anesthesia is applied to the skin after this shaving process, which is applied to the entire hair surface so that the hair looks more natural. The roots of the hair penetrate under the skin by means of microsurgical instruments. These hairs, taken one by one, are carefully planted on the scalp. At the same time, new hair channels are opened, allowing the hair to have a natural appearance. The process takes between 6 and 8 hours.

What is Fue Hair Transplant Method?

The Fue hair transplant method, called Folicular Unite Extraction, is one of the processes developed to give the hair the most natural appearance. It is among the modern hair transplant applications. Hair transplantation procedures are completed without any pain or feeling of pain. Hair transplantation is performed using local anesthesia. Hair follicles are processed under the skin one by one using micro tools. New roots are placed in the newly opened channels. This process, which is easily applied to the entire surface of the hair, is painless and allows people to continue their daily lives.

What are the Advantages of Fue Hair Transplant Procedures?

Fue hair transplantation, which is performed by planting hair follicles in the hair channels, helps to provide a natural appearance to the hair. This process is among the fastest and most accurate hair transplantation techniques. This process, which does not leave any pain or scars, also ensures that the hair comes out more lush and alive with frequent transplantation procedures. Many patients who want to see effective and precise results benefit from fue hair transplantation applications in our center. This process provides a lively hair appearance at the end of 3-4 months.

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