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With the development of technology, its effect has begun to be felt in many sectors. One of these areas is beauty and aesthetics. Now, it has become possible to achieve the desired appearance by having aesthetic operations in many areas.

maternity aesthetics This is one of the most preferred operations. However, the important thing here is that the preferred places are really reliable, and it should be done by beauticians who have been trained in this subject. When some operations are performed by people specified as beauticians, there is a high probability of experiencing problems later on.

There are many beauty centers and care centers on the market. Selda Hair Center, as one of these successful centers, also provides services in the field of maternity aesthetics.


Maternity Aesthetics at Selda Hair Center

Translated into our language as maternity aesthetics, mommy makeover is preferred by mothers, as the name suggests. Pregnancy and childbirth are very difficult times, as best mothers know. Physically, mothers begin to dislike themselves. This affects their psyche a lot.

The main purpose of the surgery is not to make the mother different, but to bring her to the pre-pregnancy period. It has become widespread in recent years, with successful results. Many people have maternity aesthetics at Selda Hair Center and are satisfied.


What is Maternity Aesthetics?

Preferred motherhood aesthetics for the mother to love herself first and be happy; Liposuction is aesthetic operations performed on the chest and abdomen. It eliminates postpartum cracks, visual deformations in the abdomen, sagging breasts and lubrication in the waist areas.

After this somewhat extensive operation, mothers get the appearance they want. The operation can be started after the necessary controls and analyzes are performed before this surgery, which is completed in an average of 6 hours. In general, liposuction is performed first in this surgery. Then the tummy tuck is performed. Finally, breast surgery is performed.

Selda Hair Center is one of the centers that apply motherhood aesthetics very successfully. At the same time, they take care of their patients one-on-one and have a one-on-one relationship with their patients from pre-operative to post-operative period.


What Happens After Maternity Aesthetics?

The most important point after the application of maternity aesthetics is that the patient starts to move first. Although the first two days are difficult, then the pain decreases and more movements such as walking can be done. For the first 5-6 days, it may be difficult to walk upright due to abdominal surgery. However, on average, patients become normal in 15 days.

As a precaution, it will be useful to stay away from excessive weights. During this period, as Selda Hair Center, experts will be in constant communication with you and will learn about every development. There is no damage or loss of function in any function after aesthetics.


Things to Consider Before and After Maternity Aesthetics

Before having a maternity aesthetic operation, it is necessary to pay attention to some issues. First of all, they have to lose a certain amount of weight by tending to lose weight for a while. Because you do not lose weight with maternity aesthetics, you shape your body. Another important issue is that you are no longer breastfeeding. It is very important that you have not been breastfeeding for at least 1 year.

Patients should also have become hormonally normal. Therefore, this operation is not recommended shortly after birth. It is also important to quit smoking and alcohol use at least 1 month in advance. After esthetics, mothers should be careful to move and stay away from weights. At the same time, with weight gain, there may be deterioration in their body, especially in terms of lubrication.

That's why they need to pay attention to their diet. At Selda Hair Center, you can safely have your operations and regain your pre-pregnancy period. You feel very good both physically and mentally.


Wondering After Maternity Aesthetics

Those who are considering maternity aesthetics have concerns about some issues long after the aesthetic operation. Whether it is possible to get pregnant again is one of the most frequently asked questions. Pregnancy is possible after maternity aesthetics. Another curious issue is the permanence of the traces. Post-operative scars are permanent if no application is made.

However, patients get rid of scars to a great extent with the use of gel. It is also recommended to do a massage that is not too hard, especially in the liposuction areas after the surgery. In cases where everything goes well, the healing process is completed without the need for dressing. The most important thing during this period is walking and moving.