Vaginoplasty It is the operation of narrowing the vagina and at the same time restoring its deteriorated shape.

Who gets Vaginoplasty?

Vagina is an organ that can stretch both transversely and longitudinally. You can have an abundant vagina even only structurally. However, most of the time, the reason for this enlargement is normal births and deliveries. Sometimes, frequent sexual intercourse or pain before cesarean section and the baby's head lowered can also cause this enlargement. This enlargement can cause problems such as dissatisfaction in the sexual intercourse of couples and gas incontinence in women.

How is vaginoplasty done?

Two types of techniques are applied in our clinic. These are determined according to the patient's vagina width and complaint. The first is the repair of a triangular piece (colporaphy posterior) from the posterior wall of the vagina and then weaving it layer by layer. The other method is to remove a rectangular piece from the side walls and reduce the bottom-upper expansion.

What are the benefits of vaginoplasty?

In our opinion, the most important benefit of vaginoplasty is to restore the self-confidence of the woman. Due to the structure of the vagina, it is the entrance to the erection zone, namely the clitoris and the G spot. After the vagina is narrowed, the pleasure of sexual intercourse will increase for both men and women, both by facilitating the contact of the penis with these areas and by the fact that the penis is more surrounded by the vagina. Apart from this, the gasping sounds coming from the vagina are prevented, and in some cases, these complaints can be eliminated with some technical applications in the same session in patients with urinary incontinence.

What should be done after vaginoplasty surgery?

We do not recommend laser applications for waxing for 1 month after surgery. The stitches are self-melting and do not need to be removed. We do not recommend sexual intercourse, pool, sea, hammam during the 4-6 week recovery period. Heavy sports should be avoided for 1 month after the operation, and constipation should not be avoided as much as possible.