What is Bbl Aesthetics?

What is Bbl Aesthetics?

Butt lift surgeries are the first thing people who want a proportional body do. These surgeries are painless and special surgeries that are commonly performed today. People definitely resort to these techniques to provide a fuller and rounded butt image at the same time. In order to make the butt like this, transfers are made with special oil. In order to increase the fullness especially in the hip area, transfers are made from the fat tissues. It is known as a popular surgery that has become quite common. In this way what is bbl The answers to such questions are also given in the most correct way.

In butt lift aesthetics, special shapes are given to the dimensions of the hips without resorting to silicone. Especially with liposuction, excess fat in the abdomen, thighs or waist is taken and injected into the buttocks. With this surgery, all the ratios that may occur in the body are healed correctly. Disproportionate images are prevented, especially thanks to the fat taken from the excess areas. Thus, integrity is ensured in the most correct way.

If the fat mass in the person's body is low, this can also occur thanks to silicone. Silicones of the desired size are placed at the bottom of the piercings without damaging the tissues of the butt in any way. Liposuction is the most suitable thing for butt reduction or butt lift methods.


Who Can Have Aesthetics With BBL?

These aesthetics can be done easily by anyone who does not like the hip ratio and shape. The structures of the hips are determined by genetic structures. Effects such as the skeletal shape of the body, fat deposits affect the appearance of the hips or buttocks. These aesthetics can be easily performed on individuals of all ages. There is no damage or problem. People who do not have excessive sagging in their hips, people who have enough fat in their body parts can have these operations more easily. It can be easily brought to the desired sizes and lifting levels without damaging the butt in any way.


What are the Benefits of BBL Aesthetics?

It improves the curves of the lower bodies, especially in women, by showing them better. It makes the hips look fuller and straighter. Since the fat in other parts of the body will decrease, the body will show itself much better. When an outfit is worn, more attractive body lines are obtained. Especially in people with facial hips, beautiful buttocks are obtained. There are situations that are very pleasing to the eye in terms of aesthetics. It creates a beneficial image by creating the upper and lower balance in the body.


How are BBL Aesthetic Operations Performed?

Before applying these operations, the body structure and fat ratios of the person are checked. During the operation, fat is taken from certain parts of the body by appropriate means. It is ensured that the fat is collected and removed with certain principles without minimally damaging the adipose tissues. These fats collected from the body are transferred to the required area in an appropriate manner. The fats taken are purified and prepared for transfer to the butt area.

People who want to enlarge and improve the volume of the butt definitely apply to this operation. All the oils will not remain in this area, and after a while, some of them will melt on their own. The surgeon, taking everything into account, performs the surgery under very hygienic and favorable conditions.


How Is The Recovery Process After BBL Aesthetics?

People who have undergone this aesthetic definitely need to take some precautions during the healing process. Small doses of painkillers should be consumed for minimal pain that may occur after surgery. After this surgery, it is forbidden to sit or lie on the hip for 2 weeks. The surgeon who performed the operation definitely recommends lying face down more. For a while, it will be recommended that all activities except the need for the toilet be done standing up.

Bagel type seats are used in order not to create immediate pressure on the hips. 8 weeks after the operation, the person can return to his normal life. The first week of the operation is very important. The person who had the surgery can go back to work within 10 to 14 days after this one week.


What are BBL Aesthetics Prices?

The price ranges determined in this aesthetic are constantly changing. The size of the buttocks, the amount of fat to be applied bbl aesthetic prices may cause changes in The clinic and surgeon where you want it affects the prices. After deciding on this surgery, the person learns the procedures to be performed by meeting with the appropriate surgery from the surgeon. Then, after passing the appropriate tests and analyzes, the method to be applied and the amount of oil to be purchased are determined and a price analysis is made. After all these are determined, the doctor gives the price to the patient.