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What is sapphire hair transplantation?

Sapphire Hair Transplantation, which is one of the hair transplantation methods, is one of the most curious techniques. The reason why it is different from other techniques is that it is processed with specially produced sapphire ore in the operation. It is applied with sharp-edged surgical pencils specially produced from sapphire ore. Providing ease of working with more minimal and small cuts Fue hair transplant is the enhanced dimension of the method. Thanks to sapphire-tipped ore, small cuts created on the head minimize tissue damage. It offers the possibility of more frequent hair transplantation. Thanks to the sharpness of the sapphire blades, the small cuts opened allow the wounds to close faster and the healing process to be overcome more easily. Thanks to its natural sapphire ore, it also has a feature that accelerates blood flow. Tiny micro channels are opened with sapphire blades. The hair grafts (hair follicles taken from the nape) collected from the donor area are added one by one to the V-shaped cuts made by the specialist doctor. It is confused with each other due to its similarity with Fue Hair transplantation method. The most distinctive feature of these two methods is the differences in the knives used.