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When Does the Transplanted Hair Grow After Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation stands out as a natural and permanent solution to the problem of hair thinning and baldness of individuals who have hair loss and hair loss. Hair transplantation is defined as the process of transferring healthy hair follicles to areas where the hair follicle is not the same as before and where hair thinning occurs, by means of microsurgical methods. In hair transplantation, the person’s own healthy hair is added to the spilled area. Hair transplantation is a subject that is planned and applied completely individually. With the hair transplantation operation, the hair follicles resistant to shedding are collected in the nape of the patient and transplanted into the channels opened in the thinning or completely shedding parts.

Why is Hair Transplantation Performed?

The main purpose of hair transplantation; It is a natural and permanent hair-like appearance that will not be obvious in the head area. Hair transplantation is actually a small surgical operation area. For this reason, it is the safest way to be done by an expert and experienced team in a hygienic environment and it is of great importance. With the hair transplant application, the person’s own hair is permanently restored as if it will never fall out, and the patient feels more self-confident. The aim of hair transplantation is to restore the natural hair look in a comfortable way with modern medical applications.

To Whom Can Hair Transplantation Be Applied?

Generally, almost fifty percent of men over the age of 50 are faced with the problem of hair loss. Therefore, hair transplantation stands out as the most applied cosmetic surgery for men. Hair loss is not unique to men, and many women may experience hair loss or thinning. In men and women, from the ages of 19 to 20, hair transplantation is performed for anyone who has experienced hair loss due to various reasons.

What Causes Hair Loss?

Hair loss can also occur as a result of advancing age and traumatic injury or as a result of various medical disorders. After the necessary controls are made by experts, the problem disappears with Istanbul hair transplantation.

The transplantation method can be applied successfully not only in the scalp but also in the loss of all areas of the body such as eyebrows, mustache or beard. When the hair comes out after the method is applied is the most curious subject.

When Does the Transplanted Hair Grow After Hair Transplantation?

A process called shock shedding occurs and hair grows back after shedding. This is a subject that differs from patient to patient. In response to the question of when the hair will come out, this process ends after the second month, and at the latest in the fourth month after hair transplantation, the hair strands begin to grow and the hair begins to take a certain shape. From the 6th and 7th months, between 45% and 80% of the transplanted hair grows. As the best choice, the satisfaction rate of hair transplantation performed by Istanbul hair transplantation is quite high.

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