Who is Selda Öztürk?

Selda Ozturk is a successful entrepreneur from Turkey. She founded the Selda Hair Center brand in 2010 and started offering service in hair transplantation and hair treatments field. She has completed her bachelor’s degree in dermatology department in Ukraine Bogomolets National Medical University and achieved expertise. While maintaining Selda Center , She has founded Apex Clinic and Apex Dental brands by starting a joint work with Apex Surgical Center. While achieving the entrepreneurship of aesthetic and and dental treatments as well, she has offered service to the patients who came from not only Turkey but also various regions of the world. With the vision of “continual development”, without compromising quality and reliability, having personalized services as a health principle, Selda Öztürk continues being one of the leading names in Turkey in the fields of hair transplantation, aesthetics, plastic and dental surgeries. She is a volunteer of saving animals and giving support to a lot of charities regarding to this. In addition, she keeps on inspiring and supporting entrepreneur women like herself.

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