Botox / Fillers

Botox / Fillers

You can contact us to get information about botox or filler applications preferred by millions of people. Thanks to your specialist doctor, you can learn the difference between the two applications and get the answer in which aspects you will gain advantage.


The application that allows the muscles to be frozen thanks to the purified bacteria is called botox. Thus, it is possible to eliminate lines and wrinkles by causing the muscles on the face to lose their function. It is an effective method for eliminating lines caused by mimics. Filling is the process of giving volume and fullness in order to eliminate examinations in the lip, cheek or mouth area.

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What should be considered for Botox / Fillers?

You will be able to have information about what you should pay attention to in botox and filling processes, which you should be in contact with your doctor. If there are drugs you are using, you should definitely inform them and raise awareness about the drugs that you need to stop before a certain period of time. You can also give information about the foods and supplements you use, and you should cut off any anti-clotting foods 15 days in advance. Before these applications, people are asked to quit alcohol before a certain period of time. If you are experiencing problems such as acne or have a herpes problem, it will be recommended to have treatments in this direction first.

What should be considered after the Botox / Filling operation?

After the Botox / Filling process, the issues that people should pay attention to will be clearly stated. Exercising the facial muscles in the first two hours provides more efficient results. In addition, by applying a cold compress on the face, you can allow the redness and edema to disappear quickly. You will need to avoid sleeping on your face for a certain period of time, not wearing make-up, staying away from heavy sports, and taking a break from harmful habits such as alcohol and smoking. Likewise, it is recommended to stop your skin care and face mask applications for a while.